Calabash Cottages Guest Book


“This was our first visit to St. John and we can’t wait to come back. We spent most of our week being beach bums and loved the seclusion St. John offers. Being on the Coral Bay side of the island was well worth the extra 30 minute drive as we looked to find secluded spots to enjoy each others company as we relaxed and escaped from reality for the week.
Loved our greeter Jen who showed us her favorite spots on the island. Diane was super helpful too. Million dollar views which I never would get tired of. Loved the kitchen for cooking. Beautiful deck. Overall a comfy spot to spend our vacation.
Our days were pretty similar — Wake up @ 5:45 to watch the sun rise; eat breakfast (which we cooked in the kitchen); beach by 8:30 and stayed until 4:30ish; Come back to Sago to shower with the amazing view; cook dinner (or go out); relax; bed; repeat. (I kept thinking all week of ways to make this a daily routine — Living on St. John).
Overall we had a wonderful and relaxing stay on St. John with memories to last a lifetime. We will be counting the days until we can return.”

Shane and Jenn
Rocky Hill, CT — July 27-August 3, 2014 @ Sago Cottage

“This is our second visit to this little cottage. We’ve loved it just as much this time as the last! Thanks Susan & gang for everything!!”

Emily and Zach
Lexington, KY — July 20-27, 2014 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“We loved this week of relaxing, refreshing, and reconnecting here at the cottage!
Celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary in this beautiful place!
Best View — From our porch! Also Ram Head was pretty awesome too!”

Brandi and Adam Hart
Shreveport, LA — July 13-20, 2014 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“We spent every day on a new adventure–snorkeling, hiking, finding restaurants and ships, sailing to Virgin Gorda–and enjoyed every moment of it. Some of our slow mornings of coffee, books, the hot tub and the outdoor shower were some of my favorite moments. Enjoying every nook and view the house has to offer is such a gem. I feel blessed to sit here listening to the sounds of St. John while snacking before a home cooked meal. There is real magic here–enjoy it! WE most certainly did.”

Gia and Josh
San Franciso, CA — July 13-20, 2014 @ Windwardside Main House

“The Caribbean, St. John, Sago Cottage and the spectacular view is a memory I’ll keep forever. I was here to celebrate friends’ 25th year Anniversary and renewal of their vows. I was truly blessed to be able to stay in the cottage. As romantic as it is I was solo here, but thoroughly enjoyed the view and the peacefulness of my “home” for the past 5 days. Such a pleasure to enjoy all it had to offer. Absolutely loved the outdoor shower and a view like none other when taking a shower. Didn’t spend much time in town as was in the villa below for meals, swimming, and celebration. Thanks for a peaceful stay.”

Storrs, CT — July 15, 2014 @ Sago Cottage

“If you are reading this, then you made a great choice. Sago is one of the 4 Calabash Cottages on the island. This is our 2nd year staying with Susan and her great staff.
You could actually stay your entire time in Coral Bay. Best snorkeling – Waterlemon Cay!!
Long walk, but worth it. Swim around the island. Amazing!
The best place to eat on the island. Right here! The table for 2 on the porch is great!
Grill out and chill out!
Well, we end another great vacation on St. John. Sago was great! We’ll be back!
If you need anything, call Diane or Susan. They are top notch!”

Ken and Melody
Greenville, SC — June 22-29, 2014 @ Sago Cottage

“Wrote 25 pages in our personal memory book, and there’s not enough time to share what a great time we had here! Perfect honeymoon on the quiet side of the quiet island.
Made it to Cruz Bay on the first night of Carnival to hear to opening notes of a big concert. Spent most of our time on the beach, exploring trails and ruins, on a trip to the Baths, and eating at Skinny Legs. Love this Place!”

Peter and MaryBeth
Middletown, CT — June 16-22, 2014 @ Windwardside Main House

“We had the MOST AMAZING honeymoon. This cottage is literally paradise. Thank you for the perfect vacation. We can’t wait to come back!”

Kathleen and Charles
Decatur, IL — June 15-21, 2014 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“This house and all its amenities. There isn’t one thing missing. The outdoor showers. The front porch. The views. The sound of waves breaking below. In a word PERFECT.
The sky — The color blue. The clouds. The sunrise and sunset. Take it all in.”

Ron and Cheryl
Muscle Shoals, AL — June 8-15, 2014 @ Windwardside Main House

“Beautiful views and the beaches were amazing! Our favorite was Salt Pond Bay and Maho Beach! Windwardside Cottage is one of the most relaxing and rejuvenating places to sleep! We would love to come back again.”

Bob and Holly
Floyd, VA — May 25-June 1, 2014 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“This cottage is so lovely, well laid out, bright, clean, and the surrounding flora turning really lush and blooming with the recent rainfall… all adds up to a peaceful paradise.
Thanks for such a lovely stay!
Diane, Margaret, and Bryan have been so helpful. Thanks.”

Judi and Erik
Whitefield, ME — May 4-18, 2014 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“We had a fabulous stay at Windwardside Cottage! Even when it rained it was beautiful.
Thank you to Susan, Beth, Diane, and Margaret for making our stay so enjoyable.”

Susan and John
West Newbury, MA — Apri 6-13, 2014 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“This is our 4th trip to St John but our first time at Sago. We love the layout & location of the cottage!
1) Put sugar in the glass dish and enjoy the birds
2) The view was amazing particularly with the ever changing sky.
3) Love Little Lameshur beach
4) Walk the Drunk Bay Trail and create your own ‘person’
5) We enjoyed the 0.8 mile hike to Brown Bay”

Jill and Ernest
Libertyville, IL — March 30-April 6, 2014 @ Sago Cottage

“Our first stay at Sago and it was a true delight. Have come to St John for the last 4 years but our stay was so much better since we were at this magical place. Thank you to Susan, Diane, and Margaret.
We spent every morning relaxing here before heading out to different beaches and spent every evening on the porch having drinks and dinner.
The bed was so comfortable we slept like babies.
After a horrible winter this was a true respite for rejuvenation. Would not want to be anywhere else but here.”

Tom and Dale
Charlottesville, VA — March 6-23, 2014 @ Sago Cottage

“Dear Windwardside Cottage,
You were amazing!!!! Your views were spectacular!!!
We will miss you greatly and hope to return to you one day soon.
Best wishes to all who travel this way and many thanks to Susan, Diane, and co. for the amazing experience they gave us!!”

Ellen and Kevin
Brookfield, CT — February 23-March 2, 2014 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“Another great year at Sago Cottage and St. John. Our 4th visit to Sago and it was just as great as the first.
Nice to see Diane again and to meet Margaret. Both made our stay special. It was wonderful to see the staff at Shipwreck Landing again and visit with our island friends we have met over the years. Coral Bay is certainly a special place.
Can’t wait to come back to St. John next year with the family. No Sago in 2015 but we’ll be back to the cottage in 2016.
Thanks Susan, Diane and Margaret.”

John and Terry
Derry, NH — February 23-March 2, 2014 @ Sago Cottage

“We’re back again after 2 years and what a great week yet again! Sago Cottage is awesome and St. John is a true gem. As usual we spent a lot of time on the beaches & snorkeling. Sad to see the Donkey Diner closed. We hope to return to Sago again someday. Thank you, St. John, for “saving” us from a horrible PA winter… it was truly a great week!”

Beth and Todd
Blue Bell, PA — February 2-9, 2014 @ Sago Cottage

“Thank you Susan for helping me plan the best honeymoon for ourselves. My husband is in love. Thank you Diane and Margaret. You guys are the best. We can’t wait to come back next December 2014 to celebrate our 1 year anniversary.
Sago Cottage is absolutely amazing. I love how there are no keys, you fall asleep to the sound of the outdoors. There is no need for A/C. The rain showers in the morning were awesome. Loved waking up and sitting out there.”

Liliana and Jason
Norman, OK — December 15-22, 2013 @ Sago Cottage

“Here for our 35th wedding anniversary. 7th time at Sago cottage!
After our 7 times our advice would be: Find your “secret” Bay! for 2013 it definitely was Kiddel Bay. Beautiful healthy Staghorn Coral and school of 1000 Blue Tang. What a sight.
If you are looking for turtles — Francis Bay (just be patient). Also spotted eagle ray.
Thank you Diane, Susan, Margaret”

Glade and Robin
Dutchess County, NY — November 24-December 1, 2013 @ Sago Cottage

“All together, everything was perfect and there is just too much awesome things to talk about. Whoever comes after us, just have a blast!
Thanks everyone at Calabash Cottages for a beautiful, laid back, adventurous stay!”

Jason and Wendy
Montvale, NJ — November 17-24, 2013 @ Sago Cottage

“My husband and I spent our honeymoon here at Sago back in October 2003, and he surprised me with a trip here for our 10th wedding anniversary! This time we have 3 small kids at home who we missed a lot, but it’s been a wonderful, relaxing week. So great to be back in this house, and oh, how we’ve missed the sunsets & sunrises from this porch!”

Anne and Eric
Phoenix, MD — October 13-20, 2013 @ Sago Cottage

“What an incredible place! We could not have picked a more perfect island and house for our week away! St. John has so much to offer and the Calabash Cottages team made everything so easy! From organizing our transportation and car rental, to supplying snorkel gear, beach chairs, coolers and more. We could not be happier!”

MaryAnn and Bailey
Atlanta, GA — October 13-19, 2013 @ Windwardside Main House

“What can you say about this place that has not already been said. Perfect choice for us! Celebrating our 25th anniversary.
We hope all that visit Windwardside Cottage enjoy it as much as we did. Even the late night storms were amazing.”

Ken and Melody
Greenville, SC — June 30-July 7, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“We were here 10 yrs ago for our honeymoon and not much has changed… We loved it.
We loved being on the quiet side of the island having this beautiful house all to ourselves. We ate home a lot and tried a few places on island.
Cruz Bay – Rhumb Lines – Asian/Thai; Da Livio – Italian, Best Pizza!
Coral Bay – Skinny Legs: burger; Shipwreck Landing – Seafood quesadillas; Aqua Bistro – Everything. MJ (chef) awesome
Go to every beach you can. Cinnamon Bay our favorite.
Thank you guys!”

Sylvia and Daniel
San Antonio, TX — June 30-July 7, 2013 @ Windwardside Main House

“Thank you for sharing this wonderful place with us! We loved listening to the birds during the day and the frogs at night. The environment here was complete, peaceful solitude is a perfect place for a honeymoon.
There isn’t enough time to say all we did this week. Suffice to say it was unforgettable.”

John and Trudy
Trenton, NJ — June 16-23, 2013 @ Windwardside Main House

“Our 25th anniversary honeymoon!
We had a spectacular week here at the house, and it flew by far too quickly. Our thanks go to Susan, Diane and Bruce for all their attention and advice… it’s been an incredibly wonderful experience.”

Lynn and Jamie
Winthrop, ME — June 2-8, 2013 @ Windwardside Main House

“My new husband and I chose this villa and St. John as the place to start our honeymoon. (We will be staying at a villa on the Cruz Bay side for another 3 nights).
Windwardside Guest Cottage is the perfect size. We spent a lot of time reading on the porch or while laying in bed.
I fed sugar to the Bananaquits most mornings. Although they wouldn’t eat it until I went inside. The views here are nothing short of spectacular!”

Tony and Amanda
White Bear Lake, MN — May 26-June 2, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“We loved staying here at Windwardside– it was perfect! We got up with the sun, ate breakfast, fed the Bananaquits on the front porch, watched the view, listened to the local radio station and then got packed up to go out exploring.
Diane and her husband Fitz were excellent hosts to meet us at the ferry and get us settled — couldn’t have asked for any better service.
St. John has been on my “list” of places to go for many years, and now I can check it off — but will hopefully be back again and again.”

Donna and David
Durham, NC — May 12-19, 2013 @ Windwardside Main House

Coffee on the porch. Amazing views.
Going home relaxed and renewed–looking forward to our next visit.
Thank you Diane, Susan and Bruce.”

Stacey and Andy
Pompton Lakes, NJ — May 12-19, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“All in all, a terrific week. We will definitely plan to come here again. Our sincere thanks to Susan and Diane for making this vacation so easy and trouble free. The guest cottage is perfect. Also our thanks to Bruce for showing us the way here and getting us settled in and his tips on the island.
One week is not enough. Looking forward to the next time.”

Fred and Marilyn
Maynard, MA — May 5-12, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“Sago Cottage is a slice of heaven on Earth. Everyone on the island made us feel at home and welcome.
This couldn’t have been a better honeymoon… we’re already planning our return trip.
Diane and Susan couldn’t have been better to deal with.
Stunning, beautiful Sago.”

Dave and Joanne
Etters, PA — April 28-May 5, 2013 @ Sago Cottage

“What a wonderful week this has been! Sago Cottage was the perfect place to spend our honeymoon. We enjoyed being away from the “crowds” of Cruz bay and a little off the beaten path over here in Coral Bay.
The views from the porch were amazing and we enjoyed watching each sunrise and moon rising over the water (we had a full moon this week). We also enjoyed watching the birds (they like a sugar/water mixture in the feeder).
A special thank-you to Bruce and everyone else who helped make our arrival here so easy- it was greatly appreciated. We had a fabulous week and hope that someday our paths will cross again!”

Jason and Mary
Redford, MI — April 21-28, 2013 @ Sago Cottage

“We were looking for a truly romantic getaway and we found it.
Jennifer was super friendly and showed us how the “islanders” drive on the way up to the cottage. It wasn’t long before we found ourselves in the hot tub. No moon in the sky meant pretty amazing stargazing. We arrived at night so when we woke up we were amazed by the view off the front porch, website pictures simply do not do it justice.
We’ll be back.”

Sara and Tony
Annapolis, MD — April 14-21, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“This is our 6th year on Calabash Boom Rd, 5 of them at this beautiful home. We absolutely love it here. From sunrise colored skies at the foot of the bed to the stars over the hot tub, this house is a joy of sight, sound, smell, and soothing breezes.
Until next year!”

Two Ladies from Massachusetts
March 31-April 14, 2013 @ Windwardside Main House

“We absolutely loved the house and everything about it. We are avid snorkelers, but just enjoying being here was always a temptation. Windwardside had everything we could ask for, from beach chairs to grill, to great kitchen equipment, to, best of all, the hot tub!
We came to celebrate Wendy’s 70th birthday, and we were incredibly lucky to find Windwardside, Diane, and later Susan, on line.”

Wendy and Dan
Lexington, KY — March 24-31, 2013 @ Windwardside Main House

“This is our third trip to St John and Windwardside Cottage. We planned this trip in the call to celebrate 35 years of marriage and our 60th birthdays.
Thanks Susan and Diane for the perfect week! It was just what we needed.”

Emilio and Kathy
Audobon — March 24-31, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“Windwardside is the perfect getaway! We were without TV, cellphone and computers (intentionally!). Truly much needed relaxation.
Hot tub under a sky full of stars–priceless.
Coffee on the porch with with this view- #1
Thank you Susan, Diane, and Fitzroy.
Look forward to visiting again.”

Doreen and Jim
Harvard, MA — March 3-10, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“It was great to leave the cold of Michigan to spend a week on St. John. This island is so beautiful and the Windwardside Guest Cottage is delightful. Diane and Susan were terrific to work with and made sure our stay at the cottage was most enjoyable.
Sure hope we can visit again.”

Binger and Lilian
Brighton, MI — February 24-March 3, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“This is our second visit to Calabash Cottage! Diane and Susan have thought of everything–the cottage is comfortable and the view is breath-taking! We loved Francis Bay beach and Salt Pond Beach and Waterlemon Bay. Aqua Bistro and Shipwreck are great restaurants (and bars) and so convenient!
We would never dream of staying anywhere else on St. John. We will be back.”

Andrea and David
Washington DC — January 13-20, 2013 @ Sago Cottage

“We came here to St. John for our 25th wedding anniversary and find it far beats anything we could have imagined.
The highlight of every day was waking up to the most beautiful view and returning to it in the early evening. We loved Windwardside Guest Cottage and would love to return some day.”

Lorrie and Mike
Severna Park, MD — January 13-20, 2013 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“We came to Sago Cottage for our honeymoon and it was exactly what we were looking for! Thank you to Jenn who greeted us at the ferry and made our arrival so easy. The cottage is amazing… we felt like true islanders here! Connor & I enjoyed waking up early for the sunrise, hopping in the Jeep and exploring as much as we could in one week. After it was all said and done…Coral bay is where we will come back to!”

Katherine and Conner
Virginia Beach, VA — November 5-11, 2012 @ Sago Cottage

“This is our second time to stay @WWS and it is as lovely and enchanting as the first.
We didn’t go crazy with trying to do as many things as possible. First we unplugged the clock and went from there.”

Mark and Tom
Nashville, TN — July 29-August 5, 2012 @ Windwardside Main House

“We are currently on our last night of our week long stay here at Windwardside, and we are very sad to be going home. This was our first time visiting the Virgin Islands, and we are very glad that we chose to stay here. Susan and Diane have been super sweet and helpful from the moment we considered booking our trip.”

Stephanie and Edmund
West Grove, PA — July 1-8, 2012 @ Windwardside Main House

“What an amazing place to come for our honeymoon! Very thankful for Diane, Bryan, and Susan’s help all along the way. Love how the cottage is clean, quaint and peaceful.”

Sam and Erin
Ashville, OH — June 10-17, 2012 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“Awesome!!! Celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary here. Cannot thank Susan and Jennifer and Diane enough! Cottage is neat, view is spectacular.
Special thanks again to Diane for checking on us. All our needs were met.
Enjoy the cottage and the island!! Hope to get back this way!”

Gary and Julia
Shreveport, LA — June 3-10, 2012 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“Our second visit here matched our wonderful first visit last year. Sago Cottage is as comfortable as it can get, and we hope that we will be able to return next year. Thank you Diane and Susan for your great accommodations and a special thanks Diane for your attention.”

Carolyn and Bob
Warwich, RI — April 22-29, 2012 @ Sago Cottage

“Susan, Paul & Diane are the best!! They are so warm, helpful and do everything to make staying at Sago the perfect place to spend precious vacation time. Can’t wait to return.”

Kathy and Ed
Providence, RI — March 18-25, 2012 @ Sago Cottage

“Can’t believe we have already been here for 3 weeks and that today is our last day in this wonderful place. Sago Cottage and St. John are both very rare and magical places that you never tire of. I really do understand why so many people you meet say that they came here for a holiday and never wanted to leave. We were met and shown up to the cottage by Bruce who said he came to Coral Bay for “a while” and is still here 8 years later, says it all really.
We had originally only planned to come here for 2 weeks and spend the first week on St Thomas. Wow, what a mistake that would have been. We did spend our first day there but were very happy to get on the Redhook ferry to come over here (Thanks Susan for setting me straight on that one). I guess the main benefit of being here so long is you have the time to really slow down and get into “Island Time” without the pressure of trying to see and do everything in the first week. St. John has so much to offer and something for everyone, fantastic beaches, amazing trails, wild life, snorkeling. Favorite places to eat– Sago Cottage, Sago Cottage & Sago Cottage– no need to book and spectacular views (even better than Caneel Hill).”

Andrew and Marina
Ontario, Canada — January 22-Feb 12, 2012 @ Sago Cottage

“Windwardside Cottage has been a wonderful experience and served as a lovely “home base” as we explored the island–The view was such an inspirational way to begin each morning and close each evening.”

Lori and John
Laurel, DE — February 19-26, 2012 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“Came over from Red Hook on 11PM ferry, got to SJ and picked up our Jeep and followed Bryan to the cottage, that was a trip! Thought we were 20 miles away. Woke up our first morning to “the view”, wow! What a beautiful spot. So nice up here that we did most breakfasts at the cottage, sitting on the porch, everyday was awesome.”

Jim and Sheila
Boalsburg, PA — January 22-29, 2012 @ Windwardside Guest Cottage

“Sago Cottage was the perfect spot! We stayed here for our honeymoon and loved everything about it. The views, the wildlife and the privacy were much appreciated and really made our stay special. We loved all of the beaches and all of the snorkeling on St. John. The locals are wonderful. The seafood is delish! We cannot say enough positive things… made so many wonderful memories. xoxo”

Beth and Todd
Blue Bell, PA — January 15-22, 2012 @ Sago Cottage

“Sago Cottage did not disappoint! We found this on the web while searching for a honeymoon spot. The blue shutters and view stood out. It was great to get here and find that Sago was even better! It felt like home instantly. We are leaving with so many amazing memories. Not sure how to recreate the smell of Jasmine and being 2 feet from a black humming bird in my shower at home. Wow!”

Liz and Jason
New Market, MD — November 13-20, 2012 @ Sago Cottage

“Leaving in 1/2 hour. We spent amazing 2 weeks here. Outdoor shower by the hot tub is awesome–the best view shower ever. WE sat in the hot tub first thing in the morning, and sometimes at night too.”

Natasha and Don
San Francisco, CA — October 22-November 4, 2012 @ Windwardside Main House

“We have really enjoyed our week on St. John and have especially enjoyed the cottage. The location and views are great and we would definitely hope to come back to the same place. Thanks to Susan and Diane for all the assistance. Diane was quick to respond to all requests and patient with those last minute questions. Thanks to all who attend to the cottage – it was clean and just a wonderful place to stay – a real home away from home.”

Joy and Carl
Laurenceville, GA — May 27-June 3, 2012

“After our week in paradise, we are dreading the return to chilly, rainy mud season in Vermont. This was our first time staying in a vacation home, and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Once we got used to the road (which didn’t take long), we absolutely loved “our” cottage overlooking Coral Bay. What a place!
Thanks to Susan and Diane for helping us coordinate seamless travel to this truly beautiful home. We can’t wait to come back!!!”

Meredith and Eric
White River Junction, VT — April 1-8, 2012