St. John Festival/ Carnival

St. John Festival / Carnival

St. John Festival

With food fair behind us and the sporting events about to begin the island is gearing up for the annual St. John Festival.  Carnival is the biggest event on our calendar each year.  And no wonder… The events last a month with music, pageants, races, local food, dancing and more music.  The  The grand finale is July fourth with it’s colorful parade through Cruz Bay featuring Mocko Jumbies, dramatic costumes and more music dancing and local food. St. John Carnival is centered around VI Emancipation day which occurred in 1948- 17 years before the abolishment of slavery in the US. The island collapses in exhaustion after the evening fireworks on July 4th

Carnival village is a central part of the St. John Festival.   This year’s Grand opening will be on June 28 and the village will remain open until the night of July 4.  Cruz Bay becomes a party hub for both adult and children.  (Don’t worry though we have several lovely and quiet getaways if things get too merry for your taste: If you are in the party spirit you will find a line up of tropical food and music every night from the Virgin Islands and from our neighboring Caribbean islands.

Our cottages in Coral Bay provide the perfect location during the carnival festivities.  You can enjoy as much of St John Carnival as you want and retreat to your private getaway when you want to relax and unwind.  All of our cottages have beautiful ocean view.  You can also take advantage of our summer special which offers $400 worth of complimentary amenities to make you stay extra special.  Please look over our summer special (available to all guests in July, August and September) and choose the activity that suits you as well as a prepped meal waiting for you on your arrival.

Don’t miss this very special time to visit the island where you will get the best chance of the year to experience island culture and still be able to slip away to one of quiet, unspoiled beaches.

St John Festival events:

For more about the history of st. John Festival and Caribbean carnival please click here:

for a glimpse of the July 4 parade see Christian Wheatley’s Video:



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